i don't even know why i'm here


Quinn laughed at Cal’s words, happy to see that he was joking just as much as Quinn was. “You gonna wank a lot in a week? Is that what you’re trying to get at here, mate?” He shook his head and fell back onto his bed, smirking at how his legs still fell off the sides, cursing himself for being so damn tall. “I was going to Uni in.. Well, actually, it doesn’t matter.” He sighed, remembering how badly he had done in school and didn’t want to bring back shitty memories. “It’s not important, really, so, yeah.”

"How could you not believe me?! I’m like.. Walking sex. Every maid in this place is gonna wanna have a go with me." Quinn joked yet again, rolling his eyes, sure that Cal couldn’t see his facial expressions due to the position that he was laying in. "I should have typed that up in my application. Should have told them to put me with the lad who has a good sense of humor and nice bum." Quinn hid his face in a nearby pillow, a dark blush covering his cheeks.

Quinn’s eyes brightened at Cal’s words. The male had always had his older friends buy him alcohol, so this shouldn’t be any different, right? “Fuckin’ awesome. She did it like 2 days ago, I think. It’s healing pretty nicely.” He nodded. “What do you say we get smashed one of these days, mate? Could be loads of fun.. And yes, I think you should be a model because you’re per—fect.”

"Mm…you know that might happen. Might not," He shrugged. "We’re just going to see how that works out." Grinning he leaned back on the wall, lifting his arms over his head. Cal knew when someone didn’t want to talk about something. Although he was intrigued and naturally wanted to know why the topic was so sensitive, he knew that some things about himself he wouldn’t appreciate someone digging into so soon. So all he said was, "Well alright then," 

"You sure are full of yourself aren’t you? Those words sounding familiar? We aren’t as different as you thought." He faked smiled, looking over at him without really looking. He was already hating the feeling in his stomach every time their eyes met. "Every desperate maid. Correction." Cal bit the edge of his lip, bouncing the mattress slightly, feeling restless. "Well regardless of you not telling them here I am! And I’m so glad you finally agree with my bum." He leaned over him, grabbing the pillow he was holding. "Hiding your face from me Evans?"

"Yeah it did seem to be. I’ll have to see if she wouldn’t mind doing something for me," He scrunched up his nose, thinking for a moment before relaxing his face. "You know..I just really feel responsible. I mean, you’re not 21 and this is illegal," He let out a long fake sigh. "You know I think it would weigh heavily on me. I don’t know if I’d be able to sleep at night!" Pursing his lips, he looked skeptical. "I don’t think I could stand still for that long."

[Low Expectations] Cal+Finn

Finn looked over to Cal with a bright grin, happy that he managed to make something the boy liked. “It is? Yeah, my dad used to make it pretty often, so I learned how to make it,” he smiled, going back to making sure he wasn’t overcooking any of the vegetables or meat. He added sauces, tasting it occasionally to make sure it was perfect. 

Looking over his shoulder, he noticed Calvin sitting on the counter - which he didn’t mind at all. He actually enjoyed the company when he was cooking, especially since they were on a date and he truly did want to get to know the guy better. “No, not at all. Make yourself at home,” he said softly, his cheeks a little flushed as he grabbed two plates, dishing them both up. “Seeing as I’m used to a tiny kitchen and a cramped bakery - it definitely exceeds my standards,” he chuckled, going to grab two glasses. “What do you want to drink, love?” he asked, glancing over at him.

"Yes it is," Cal nodded his head vigorously, a smile forming on his face. "Well you’re lucky. I wish I learned how to make it. But…can’t boil water without burning it so probably not going to be in the cards," He laughed for a moment. They both were silent for a while. Cal watched as Finn focused on making the dinner.

"I think all these places are different. Your place looks nothing like mine," He looked around the room again before focusing his attention on the other boy who was dishing up their plates. "Well then it’s a nice change. You’ll have to do a lot of cooking and baking to make up for it," Hopping off the counter he walked over to him. "Oh anythings fine. Whatever you’re having. Don’t want to put you out," 

"Can I grab anything else?" Cal asked, not wanting to just stand there feeling useless. Now that the food was done there was a strange silence settling into the cottage. For some reason he had no clue what to say. Rubbing the back of his neck he scrunched up his face. 


"Hey," Quinn started. "I dunno how hard you go when you have a wank. It’s like workin’ out for some guys. My first roommate at Uni used to wank so hard his bed would creak like he was gettin’ it in. Disgusting lad, he was." Quinn laughed, rolling his eyes at the thought of Cal doing.. That. He quickly diminished the thought and listened again to his roommate speak.

"I could have been here early and fucked her, you don’t know. Or maybe it was a male maid? Like a hot guy with a little black dress on." The male joked, deciding that maybe he should start getting somewhat serious soon, or this kid would always think he was joking. "You get naked too? It’s like they knew to put us together. We must be soulmates.” He playfully rolled his eyes and sat back down on his bed, happy that he had acquired the comfier one.

Quinn blushed as he felt Cal’s finger make contact with his skin, brushing it off in his mind so he didn’t start getting all nervous and weird. “She is real good, I’m in love with it. “You can touch it if you want, I don’t care. Just a bit scabby though.. Needs to heal a bit more.” He listened as Cal spoke about his age and sighed. Great, he was an older boy. “I’m nineteen. So you can get us alcohol then? And I have no clue what I’ll spend my money on. Probably a shit ton of flowers for boys that I don’t know. Maybe some non-roses for my roommate because he’s so pretty.” Quinn commented, trying to be as genuine as possible. “But really, you are pretty. Like, in a good way, not in a girly way. Your cheekbones are like.. Great and stuff and your hair is really feathery and.. Cute.”

"Well you know, if you’re really that interested come check out my mattress in a week or something," He raised his eyebrows, smirking slightly. "Where are you going to uni?" Thinking about uni made him think about not graduating which made him think of his mom which made him frown, the back of his throat growing scratchy. Clearing it a couple of times and blinking fast he took a few deep breaths. 

"True, I guess you could’ve. But I don’t believe you," He looked over at him. "If it was I hope they have two that clean our place," Cal picked at the blanket where the threads were fraying. The lamp spread a pool of warm yellow light on them and his eyelashes cast shadows on his cheeks. "Yes! Isn’t that just so strange? They probably did, you know if i made the questionnaire I would add that into it. Oh for sure, for sure," He laughed, ignoring the knots in his stomach as Quinn left his bed and walked over to where he was sitting. 

"It looks great, I might have to think of getting one." He scrunched up his forehead. "How long ago did you get it?" Cal raised one eyebrow. "You think I’m going to buy alcohol for someone under the legal drinking age?" He gasped in a fake shock. "Well I wouldn’t say no," Cal snorted. As he listened to Quinn’s words he felt his face grow hot and he looked down. "So you’re saying I should be a model?" 


"Oh, it’s new? Well I feel stupid. Who knows.. Maybe you’ve had an ace wank on my bed before I got here and that’s why it’s so broken in." Quinn laughed, not exactly opposing to the idea of Cal sleeping in his bed. "You plan on having sex in your bed. That’s nice. Just please.. Make sure I’ve got ear plugs before hand? Don’t need to hear no
Oh Cal.. Oh baby, Cal harder, Cal, Cal, Caaaal..” Quinn moaned out, trying to keep his laughs inside to make his jokes somewhat believable. “I fucked the maid in this bed before you came. You caught me.” He joked yet again, hoping that he was making a good impression on this guy.

"We’re already on chapter 8? Damn boy, you move fast." Quinn giggled, pressing his fingers to his lips as he listened to Cal speak. "Yeah, yeah you are. And no worries, that won’t be a problem. I’ve got this bad habit of getting naked all the time so I hope that that isn’t a problem. I, too, sleep with my shirt off so, we’re in the same boat, love. But anyway, look at this cool tattoo.." He lifted his shirt to expose his toned torso, pointing to the swallows and the butterfly that Rhiannon had done for him. "Rhiannon did the butterfly. I love it, don’t you?" Quinn winked, slipping the bandana out of his hair and stuffing into the nearby drawer. "If they don’t refill it, we always can. How old are you anyway? You old enough to buy alcohol, mate?" Quinn asked, cocking his head slightly.

"Well you didn’t know, I just heard it from someone," He shrugged. "Oh yes of course I did that much damage to the mattress before you came." Cal shook his head, rolling his eyes. "Nope, just naming some of my options you know." He laughed at Quinn’s attempt to joke with him. He couldn’t help but keep looking over at him, as much as he wanted to appear casual and at ease. "But don’t worry you’ll have earplugs. You’ll probably just not want to be here at all. Who knows," 

"Well that would be hard wouldn’t it? Seeing as you got here after me. ” Cal wondered if Quinn was ever actually serious or if he was always joking. Not that he minded, he loved watching his facial expressions change, animated. “As long as you’re keeping up,” He winked. “But really they’re just short chapters. Oh you do that too? Good I thought I was the only one. So glad you don’t mind that.” He tried to appear like everything was normal as Quinn lifted up his shirt as well, revealing his new tattoo. 

"She’s very good," He leaned in closer, brushing one finger along it, then drawing back suddenly, embarrassed. "Yeah..yeah it’s not bad," He rubbed his neck and tried to play it down. "True, but I’m going to see if they will because I don’t know about you but I’d rather spend my money on other things. Don’t know what that is yet but I’ll think of something." He bit his lip, laying back on the bed. "Twenty one so you’re in luck. How old are you since we are on the subject."

[Low Expectations] Cal+Finn

Finn had already gotten started on making dinner, relatively excited for his date with Calvin. Sure, he didn’t really know if he’d mesh well with the unfamiliar boy, but he knew he had to give it a shot and go into it with an open mind - or else none of this would ever work out for him. All he really knew was that Cal didn’t have the same opinion of love as him, and that he liked Thai food, so regardless if they were going to click, Finn wanted to get to know him. When he went to go open the door, the smell of his Thai stir fry (a recipe which he had gotten from his dad years ago) filled the room. “Hey love,” he said with a bright grin, welcoming in the shorter male. “Don’t even worry about it. Dinner’s almost ready,” he said with a smile, trying to hide his nervousness as he went back to the kitchen, motioning for Cal to come join him.

"Hello!" Calvin smiled, stepping into the cottage. "Alright I made sure not to eat anything so I came hungry," He followed Finn further inside, breathing deeply. "You are a god," He exclaimed, his eyes brightening. "Don’t tell me you made thai stir fry because that is my favorite," Cal thought back to all the times that he’d ate it with his mom. They’d go out every year on his birthday for it and call in for them to deliver any other time. As things got worse with her condition, that was one thing she requested the most. 

Finn seemed so at ease in the kitchen and it was apparent he spent a lot of time in one. The dish didn’t seem to be ready yet and Finn was so caught up in his cooking he didn’t notice Cal push himself up onto the counter. “Do you mind that I’m in here?” He tilted his head to the side, smiling and leaning back on the upper cabinets, eyes sweeping around the whole room. “It’s a pretty high end kitchen I’ve gotta say. Does it meet your standards?” 


Quinn raised an eyebrow at Calvin’s statement. “But then.. Why would I care if you’ve overworked yourself? Or better yet, why would you worry about overworking yourself around me? So many questions.” He laughed, watching as Cal came over and hopped on his bed, making Quinn go over to Cal’s and hop on his bed. “Mine’s softer.. More broken in. Sadly, your bed has never had a baby made on it.” The male winked, putting on his best flirty smile and tried to play it all cool and shit.

"You think my curls are adorable? Wow, Mr.Grumpy actually likes something about his roommate. This is a shocker! A plot twist!" Quinn joked around yet again, walking over to the fridge and looking inside, happy with what was in there. "W-wow.." He said as he turned around, not expecting Cal’s shirt to be lifted and his cute little body exposed for Quinn’s eyes to devour. "I uh, I guess not. Y-you’re really fuckin’ hot." He blurted, instantly blushing as he walked back to his bed. "I mean like.. Your tattoos are hot. Tattoos are hot. I mean, not that that your body isn’t hot, because it is.. I just — yeah."

"We should just sit in one night and eat it all and drink all the shit in there, Cal. That would be some fun bonding, aye?"

"Mm, you wouldn’t. But I don’t want to overwork myself around anyone. I have to look flawless all the time," He smirked and shrugged, the corners of his eyes crinkling. "Maybe I’ll have to sleep over here sometime, it’s nice. Well that means I’ll be the first to break it in," He quirked an eyebrow. "But isn’t this place new? Unless a maid was in here with someone.."

"Oh my goodness!" Cal opened his eyes wide, sitting up and resting his elbows on his thighs. "I know! What will happen next? Stay tuned for chapter eight!" He watched the other boy get up and make his way to the fridge. Cal couldn’t help but feel a little smug at the reaction he was getting out of Quinn. "Am I?" He asked casually, slowly pulling his shirt back down. "Well in case you’re wondering, I don’t wear a shirt to bed. I hope that won’t be too much of a problem," He scooted over as Quinn sat down. Cal let his mind wander, trying not to focus on anything in particular, especially not the person sitting next to him. 

"I think…no I know I’d be up for that. I hope they refill that thing though."


Quinn smirked at Cal’s words. “I think you’re the one with the problems. You weren’t strong enough to push it under the bed alone.” He said jokingly, letting a loud laugh pass through his lips. His green eyes scanned Cal’s body once again, and found himself smiling at the male’s curves in all the right places, his mind instantly sending him to inappropriate places. Quinn immediately sent his mind back to unpacking, shoving his clothes into drawers and pushing the suitcase under his bed with ease.

"Do you have a problem with bandanas?" Quinn asked, trying to put on his best sassy act that he could, a hand finding his hip like clockwork. "I don’t sew. I wear them on my head like a headband so that these fucking curls don’t get in my way." The tall boy picked up his favorite, a bandana with stars and stripes, and slipped it over his head, tying it in the back, smiling as his hair was away from his face. "See? I won’t be sewing with these. I love ‘em, this one is my favorite. Either this one or one that’s sort of olive colored." He shook his head as Cal admitted that needles scared him, unable to imagine what he would be like if he was afraid of needles. "Oh god, you’re like, seriously afraid of them?" Quinn sighed. "I love needles. I love the ones that give you shots and tattoos and shit. Hell, I have so many tattoos that I don’t think it could be possible for me to be afraid of needles."

Quinn agreed with Cal’s statement about the cottage, his eyes falling upon the different quirks of the place. “Is it? Fuckin’ right, mate. That’s awesome.”

"Hey shut your face," Cal pretended to be mad, but his mouth was curving into a smile. "Maybe I knew that you were coming and didn’t want to overwork myself," His smile froze as Quinn straightened up and they made eye contact. He was having trouble remembering how to work the muscles in his face and laughed nervously, turning away and turning on the lamp on the nightstand. "Oh look at that," Cal gestured to Quinn’s bed. "Either your suitcase is smaller than mine or your bed is different. They did this on purpose," He hopped onto Quinn’s mattress, bouncing up and down on it. "Yeah…theres something wrong," 

Cal put his arms over his head, smirking as he listened to Quinn. “Not really it was just something to say,” He shifted his weight on the bed, eyes never leaving Quinn. “I happen to think your fucking curls are fucking adorable,” Cal grinned, raising his eyebrows. “Would I be afraid if I had these?” He pulled up his shirt, exposing the tattoos on his chest. “Shots? I mean they’re just an annoyance. I don’t like the doctors at all. “ 

"Yeah I didn’t get to really look around but that’s one of the first places I looked. Some good stuff in there thats for sure," 

[Low Expectations] Cal+Finn

It had only been yesterday since Cal had learned his first match was Finn. They’d only talked for a little bit the day before and he wasn’t sure what to really make of him. He knew he was a good guy and fucking adorable if he was really being honest. Cal headed out just as the lights started to come on the rows of cottages, lighting up the way to Finns, a strip of stars on the ground. The cool night air gave him a chance to help clear his head. He tugged on the bottom of his shirt, coughing a couple of times. Sighing Cal walked up onto the cottage’s porch and knocked two times before stepping back, looking down at the ground realizing how tired he actually was. Before he could get out a yawn though the door opened. He smiled slightly. “Sorry I didn’t bring flowers or anything,” 


Quinn wasn’t sure how he felt about his roommate Cal. He was that guy; he was the kid who didn’t believe in love and was so determined to keep it out of his life. Quinn, honestly, thought that was a load of bullshit, and wanted to show Cal in some way that love did exist and that Cal wasn’t exempt from feelings or any of that. The two hadn’t gotten off to the best start, and Quinn wanted to make things right. He wasn’t sure how he was going to do this just yet, but knew that he had to go into his room with an open mind and an open heart.

As the curly haired male entered the room, his eyes instantly fled to the other male’s backside, trying hard to focus on other things like the nice decor or the floor or the lampshade. “Uh, d’you need help with that?” He dropped his bags and made his way over to Cal’a suitcase, helping him push his suitcase under the bed, a wide grin spread across his face, dimples out. “Looked pretty hard to get under there, yeah?” Quinn picked up his own bags and threw them on the bed, unpacking very few articles of clothing, including 5 pairs of jeans, about 15 of his favorite shirts, a few pairs of shoes, and a shit load of bandanas and fedoras. Quinn liked to keep things simple, only wearing what he was comfortable in and never straying from his own personal style. “So anyway, w’sup roomie?”

 Cal stood up quickly, his back cracking in three different places. “Sure that would be helpful,” He rolled his eyes. “Either this suitcase has problems or the bed does.” He flashed a smile back at Quinn, slightly blushing as he turned back around without any rhyme or reason. Cal didn’t show emotion anymore and he certainly didn’t know why he was turning red just at the sight of his roommate. This had got to stop now. Cal turned and hopped onto the bed, closing his eyes. “The suitcase has problems,” He decided, sinking into the mattress foam. 

He stopped and cracked one eye open to watch Quinn unpack his things. “I think you brought more bandanas than actual clothing. Unless you’re planning to sew something using them,” He smiled to himself trying to picture Quinn sitting with a needle and thread and a bunch of bandanas surrounding him. “If that’s the case I can’t help you there. Don’t know how to sew and never will be able too. Needles scare the shit out of me,” He shrugged, dangling his legs over the bed and swinging them. 

"Hmm, not too much Quinny," He stood up peering into the other room. "The cottage looks nice. Better than anywhere I’ve lived in. And I think the fridge is stocked so if we really wanted we’d never have to leave." 

[Where does it lead too] Cal+Quinn

Mixed emotions were certainly involved as Cal’s eyes scanned the roommate list and they finally rested on his and Quinn’s name side by side. They hadn’t been getting along too well, at least at the start but there was no denying that Quinn was by far one of the hottest guys he’d seen in a long time. He wasn’t really going to mind getting back every night to that. As cottage four came into view he slowed his pace, adjusting the way he was holding his suitcase and took in the scenery. You could just make out cottage five but no other ones were in sight. Like to spread things out, Cal mused, walking up to the door and testing the knob, which opened easily. 

It was a lot better than his place at home. Everything neat and put in its place although how much longer that would stay depended on his roommate in question. When Calvin had come here, his expectations were low, nonexistent. Now he realized how much he actually needed this. He needed a break and even if he didn’t find anyone, the least he could do was make some friends and enjoy the time away from commitments and worries. But he couldn’t let go of all his baggage as easily as the one he threw onto his bed. They both looked about the same so he didn’t think Quinn would be too offended and try to pick a fight over the differences in the two and why Cal had chosen the better one. The zipper was stuck so he had to struggle to get it open, taking out his clothes and tossing them all onto the bed, before putting some on one side of the closet and the other in the top two drawers of the bureau. There wasn’t much time to poke around by himself before there was thumping on the porch as the door was flung open and Quinn came stepped inside. Calvin was bending over, trying to stuff his suitcase under his bed but it wasn’t wanting to go. “Oh my god,” he muttered under his breath, leaning down a bit more to try and gain extra mass and have the suitcase slide under.